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    Need professional tax advice?

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      About Virtue tax

      Welcome to Virtue Tax where we specialize in tax preparation and accounting services for U.S citizens and investors living in Israel.

      We aim to provide our customers with added financial value by utilizing tax credits and the relative advantages in light of the differences in taxation between Israel and the United States.

      We deliver our professional services to over 6000 satisfied clients from the institutional and the private sectors alike.


      Years of seniority in the field


      Team members at Virtue tax


      Active customers


      Real estate companies in cooperation


      More than 150M tax refund activity for customers

      Why choose us?

      Courteous and professional service

      Years of seniority and extensive experience in the field

      Attitude and personal accompaniment from beginning to end

      Competitive prices

      Advanced technology systems for tracking reports

      Experts in the field

      Need professional tax advice?

      Leave details and we will get back to you soon

        Join thousands of recommending customers

        Asaf K. - accountant

        I moved to Virtue Tax after working with two other firms which I was not satisfied with the service and especially with the price I paid. I received an inquiry from Profimax regarding the accounting services they provide in the USA. As of today, I have been working with Virtue Tax for 3 years and highly recommend it. Very competitive prices and professional and efficient service.


        Erez B.

        I came to Virtue Tax in my search after working with another company with whom the report submission process was cumbersome, very expensive and not to my satisfaction to say the least. First, I received a price from him that was 40% lower than the price I paid for submitting the reports in previous years. Secondly, there is no comparison in terms of the quality of the service: the attitude, care and professionalism are simply on another level. I highly recommend working with Virtue Tax.

        Jonathan P. - Student in Reichman University

        I started working with Erez 4 years ago during my bachelor’s degree. Over the years, I have enjoyed very nice refunds from the IRS. Also, despite repeated inspections by the IRS, together with Erez, I was able to receive tax refunds that I would not have received otherwise. Erez demonstrates a high professional level, gives personal attention and the cost of his services is relatively low compared to his colleagues in the profession. I highly recommend working with Erez and getting refunds without any effort.


        Davia A. - Student in Reichman University

        For the past three years I have been receiving tax refunds from the USA thanks to the kind service of Erez Shaham. I heard about Erez three years ago on my campus and at first I was skeptical and it seemed to me that this whole project was not serious and a little suspicious. Today, three years later I receive refunds and receipts every year , I can testify that Erez provides a courteous, organized and fast service and does so while providing all the relevant information and answers questions and requests even if they are not in his direct field of business. I have no doubt that I will continue to use his service to submit my tax returns to the US authorities even after graduation.

        Contributing to the Community

        Us, at VirtueTax believe that beyond excellence in providing professional services toour clients, we must assist and support those in Israeli society whose fate has not improved.Our vision includes business entities and social entities joining hands together and having a shared sense of drive to promote all aspects of Israeli society. Therefore, we have a deep commitment to both Israelis in need and to voluntary bodies focused on helping them. As part of this mission, the company purchases and delivers essential products to those in need in cooperation with organizations such as the “Association for a Turnaround in Education”. Our additional area of activity focuses on transferring funds as donations to animal shelters such as “Jerusalem loves animals” and “Mateh Yehuda loves animals”. We believe that our active involvement in Israeli society, provides not only an important service to the community, but also improves our professional teams.

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