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    Tips and advice before buying property

    We have collected for you a list of factors which should help you make a decision before investing through a company.  You can greatly reduce the risks of your investment by properly investigating the following parameters. A suitable examination should enable you to make an educated and wise decision.

    1. History of the company: A company which has been in existence for a long time can be a good indicator of stability. Start-ups and newer companies may be riskier investments.
    2.  Strategic partners: Does the company act alone when starting a new project? Does it have agreements with strategic partners that have a good reputation and history when it comes to real estate? How well does it know the local market? Respectable strategic partnerships may be a good indication of a company making decisions in a responsible and professional manner.
    3. Historical returns: Ask to see the company’s historic returns on a number of projects they have managed over the past few years. Be wary of companies that guarantee fixed returns and that only present you with successful investments.
    4. Financial strength: What projects is the company currently investing in? How much have they invested? A diverse and broad portfolio of investments can indicate that the company’s financial strength is healthy.
    5. Customers: How many customers does the company serve? Are there institutions that invest in the company? Should there be institutions that invest in the company,you can rest at ease knowing that they probably carried out a comprehensive check of the company before investing in it.
    6. Ask to speak to current customers: Speaking with customers that have been with the company for a while should help you understand the level of satisfaction and customer service that the company provides.
    7. Background check on the directorship of the company: Try to locate all the publicly available information on the people who lead the company. Are they professionals or are you having trouble locating any information on them?
    8. Project Cash Flow: Will you receive a detailed report on the project including the cash flow and expected returns for the next few years? Does the financial plan look as if it is serious and all-encompassing? Does it take into account all relevant factors?

     What commission does the company take?

     Most companies do not present this forthrightly.  Stand firm in your request to know exactly how much they will be charging you for their services.

    All companies that are serious, professional and trustworthy will have no problem providing you with this information. As part of their transparency policy, they may even offer the information to you before you request it.

    If a company refuses to provide you with any of this information, you should be very wary of doing business with them.


    Need professional tax advice?

    Leave details and we will get back to you soon


      Contributing to the Community

      Us, at VirtueTax believe that beyond excellence in providing professional services toour clients, we must assist and support those in Israeli society whose fate has not improved.Our vision includes business entities and social entities joining hands together and having a shared sense of drive to promote all aspects of Israeli society. Therefore, we have a deep commitment to both Israelis in need and to voluntary bodies focused on helping them. As part of this mission, the company purchases and delivers essential products to those in need in cooperation with organizations such as the “Association for a Turnaround in Education”. Our additional area of activity focuses on transferring funds as donations to animal shelters such as “Jerusalem loves animals” and “Mateh Yehuda loves animals”. We believe that our active involvement in Israeli society, provides not only an important service to the community, but also improves our professional teams.

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