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    Required forms

    Please prepare the following forms to streamline your request for the coming year (students who didn’t file a tax return in previous years, please prepare these forms also for the years 2010 and / or 2011).

     Personal Information:

    1. First and Last Name in English as it appears on your Social security card.
    2. Social Security number (Social security number).
    3. Date of birth.
    4. Home Address. (If you have a U.S. bank account and you are interested in making a direct deposit to this account please indicate the account information: Routing number & account number).
    5. Phone number and current email address.

     Details of income and tuition expenses:

    1. Details of tuition expanses  in English / Hebrew with actual payments that have been made in the year 2012 (details that should appear: your full name, ID number and the amount of shekels / dollars you paid for tuition expenses in 2012 only).

    2. Student Certificate in English / Hebrew indicating full name, current school year, fields of study and explicit reference you are currently studying towards an undergraduate degree.

    3. Income in Israel: Form 106 or last paycheck in Hebrew, from every workplace in 2012 (keep in mind that companies generally issue Form 106 only at  the month of March so a paycheck is a preferable and faster way to declare your income).

    4. A. If you have an investment account in Israel: Please provide Form 867 for  tax year 2012

    4. B. If you have an investment account  in the U.S.: Please provide Form 1099 for tax year 2012

    5. If you have any other sources of income from Israel or the US please indicate it to one of Virtue Tax representatives and they will guide you on the required forms.

    IDC students can attach instead of the above (items 1 and 2), the 1098-T form, if you have requested one at the beginning of the calendar year.

    Please send the forms by fax: 077-4448773, or alternatively scan the forms along with a phone number and send to the email address:


    Need professional tax advice?

    Leave details and we will get back to you soon


      Contributing to the Community

      Us, at VirtueTax believe that beyond excellence in providing professional services toour clients, we must assist and support those in Israeli society whose fate has not improved.Our vision includes business entities and social entities joining hands together and having a shared sense of drive to promote all aspects of Israeli society. Therefore, we have a deep commitment to both Israelis in need and to voluntary bodies focused on helping them. As part of this mission, the company purchases and delivers essential products to those in need in cooperation with organizations such as the “Association for a Turnaround in Education”. Our additional area of activity focuses on transferring funds as donations to animal shelters such as “Jerusalem loves animals” and “Mateh Yehuda loves animals”. We believe that our active involvement in Israeli society, provides not only an important service to the community, but also improves our professional teams.

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